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Why work with Church.

Work with Church and you’ll notice that it’s our outlook, attitude and ethos that make us stand out. From the scope and thoroughness of our first planning meeting, to the extraordinary depth of expertise we offer, our can-do attitude and the fact that we go the extra mile has ensured that our valued clients keep coming back.

Church will deliver Economically. A swift pace of work and value engineering solution factored in at every stage of the process will ensure that your project is delivered safely, on time and within budget.

Church delivers with Quality. The Professionalism and Efficiency of the construction process, and the high standards of health and safety adhered to on-site will protect and enhance the good name you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Church delivers with Lasting Relationships. We will do everything possible to keep our impact on local businesses and communities to a minimum. We work with local interest groups and planning officials to meet and exceed requirements.

Church delivers with Strong Values. The quality of our work, our ethical employment processes, our excellent health and safety record and our focus on sustainability will complement your values and enable us to form a successful working relationship.

Originating in the mid 1990’s – we have come a long way from our Father and Son family beginnings in North London. Originally specialising in basements and retaining walls we’ve grown into a company of substantial expertise, working in a highly specialised technical environment delivering a range of complex projects.

We are uniquely flexible, adaptable and excited by new opportunities that require thinking outside the box. We have the experience, knowledge and commitment needed to tackle the most challenging projects on your behalf.